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Becoming a Certified
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Wapin Company LLP is the exclusive distributor of the patented Wapin Bridge System. As such, we provide training and licensing to qualified piano technicians and rebuilders. If you have done restringing and/or bridge repairs you should have no problem installing the system. Although the best results are achieved when recapping the bridge, we have developed a method that allows Wapin to be installed even without a new bridge cap. The "killer octave" section (two octaves above middle C) can be "Wapinized" in a matter of 4 hours!

Two things must happen before you can install Wapin. First, you must sign a sub-license agreement with Wapin Company LLP in which we agree to provide complete and detailed confidential information on installing the system and you agree to pay a license fee for each installation. Second, you must complete an installation within one year of signing the agreement. We guide technicians through the installation process. The installation is inspected and approved before certification is awarded.

We also offer hands on classes and training. See the Seminars section of the website. We encourage people to talk with a Certified Installer in your area or find a Wapin piano in our database.