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The piano technician who installs the Wapin Bridge System on a regular basis raises his skills to a new level. A Certified Installer is able to solve problems with pianos that other piano technicians are unable to. This scenario has shown itself many times.

Many of the problems present with a traditional piano rebuilding project disappear when the Wapin Bridge is included. Hammer voicing is greatly simplified. Tonally balanced sections increase control of the action. Increased sustain and clarity add qualities that pianists love to use as a voicing tool while playing the instrument. Essentially, the piano rebuilt with the Wapin Bridge System takes less time to finish because the desired results are far beyond the traditional expectations.

It takes time to install the Wapin Bridge, but not as much as many would expect. If the bridge is being recapped there is an additional hour of work beyond a traditional recapping. Expect four hours of work if the original bridge cap is used and new strings will be installed. If the original strings with the original bridge cap are used, eight hours with a stable tuning can be expected. We recommend working with another person and these times reflect team installations. The team need not be made up of two technicians. The operations are more than twice as fast with two people working as a team. Many of the Certified Installers work by themselves and feel the time taken for the Wapin Bridge reduces time allotted to other aspects of the rebuilding process.

We suggest reading what Certified Installers are saying about installing the Wapin Bridge System. These people are becoming known as the top level rebuilders in their area.