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Introducing the

Surgi-Sharp System

For the 1x30" or 1x42" Benchtop Belt Sander

Surgi-Sharp kit only $74.99!*

(does not include sander )

The Surgi-Sharp sharpening system is available to the piano industry exclusively through Wapin Co., LLP. There are other more expensive, or more complicated systems for sharpening edge tools, but none that work better. This system is simple, easy to use, inexpensive to set up, and extremely effective at sharpening chisels, knives, plane blades, or anything else that needs an edge. It makes use of a 1"x 42" or 1"x 30" benchtop belt sander. If you don't already have one of these very useful tools. Grizzly Industiral, Inc has these at competitive prices online. The Surgi-Sharp Sharpening Kit sells for $74.99 plus $6 for US shipping ( for orders outside the US please contact us directly at moreinfo@wapin.com ) from Wapin Co., LLP.

The kit includes:

* One 320 grit and one 600 grit sanding belt, good for the vast majority of sharpening situations.

* An angle guide adjustable from 10 to 45 degrees, with instructions as to the best angle to sharpen various tools and knives. It fits with spring clip on the platen supporting the sanding belt.

* A leather belt used for final polishing and honing to a surgical edge.

* A block of polishing compound for use on the leather belt.

* Written instructions and access to Wapin Company's renowned customer service.

If you need to be more aggressive to either change the angle or if the chisel is damaged, you may need to use a coarser belt. Care needs to taken to make sure the tool is not overheated. Whatever grits are needed for sharpening, always finish with the 600 grit. Then take off the angle guide and install the leather belt. Put the polishing compound on the belt without running the sander, as you only need a little, and the block we include will last a very long time. As shown in the picture, the edge of tool is held pointing down in the same direction as the leather belt is running, just the opposite as when using the angle guide and a sharpening belt. After polishing on the leather belt, you will have a tool or knife that is incredibly sharp!

*for orders outside the US please contact us directly at moreinfo@wapin.com

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