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The Wapin Piano Bridge is a very simple change in piano design that makes a major difference for pianos, pianists, and the listener. What is the change? The front bridge pin is vertical not slanted.

The strings are connected to the soundboard through the bridge and the bridge pins. The traditional slanted bridge pin dampens the string slightly. The vertical bridge pin undampens the string slightly and creates more energy in the string. The difference is dramatic.

Increased string energy results in more control for the pianist. That control is felt and heard as more dynamic range and clarity. The pianist will notice that the music flows out of the piano much more easily. The listener will notice a much more lyrical and singing sound.

Many small pianos have been fit with the Wapin Piano Bridge and the results have always been a larger, higher quality sound that is only present in pianos that cost two to three times as much. The high quality pianos that have been fit with the Wapin Piano Bridge create a sound that is only present in concert instruments that are very rarely, if ever, for sale.

A piano’s value is based on how well it plays and sounds. The Wapin Piano Bridge, through a tested and proven system, creates quality piano sound.

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